What Makes Us Stand Out

Since 2003, our firm has been providing quality legal services, which are varied and tailored to the needs of our clients, in particular public bodies, corporations and financial institutions. We seek to know our clients and their businesses in order to provide relevant advice. We take pleasure in accompanying our clients in their projects and facilitating their achievements. We are supportive and understanding towards our clients, especially those in difficult times, and bring forth creative and realistic solutions. We therefore stand out because we prioritize our clients’ success and satisfaction.


Deslauriers & Co.’s strength lies in the diversity of its talents and their convergence. Every member of the firm is talented. Each one expresses this talent in a different way, in accordance with his or her own distinct personality. The firm, being both a workplace and a service provider to a demanding clientele, ensures that the competence and its expression by members are respected, developed and emphasized.Our firm’s members work in conditions suitable to their personality, which enables them to counsel our clients to their full potential and with confidence that their individuality is respected.

Deslauriers & Co. insists on the respect of certain values that it deems fundamental, namely the balancing between the personal and professional lives of its members, the right to confidentiality, to privacy and to the free expression of one’s culture, gender and religion, in harmony with the values of its team.

The Common Goal

Deslauriers & Co. is dedicated to providing legal services. Its goal is to render legal services of great quality to all of its clients, to their satisfaction and in the goal of maintaining an excellent reputation. All of its members contribute individually and collectively for it to be the case. Achieving the firm’s objectives is a priority.

Ratings and References

Chambers and Partners
Evaluated since 2006 – 2020  Evaluation – “Band4” – Commercial Litigation

Martindale Hubble – rated since 1997 – rating 2020:  4.4/5

Best Lawyers

Temporary Substitutions Due to Conflicts of Interests

A lawyer may at times be in a commercial or professional conflict of interest and be prevented from acting for a client. In these circumstances, we may temporarily replace this lawyer or firm by advising the client that our services will be rendered on a punctual basis, without the permanent substitution of its regular lawyer. We do not accept nor pay any commission fees when a file is referred to us for a temporary substitution. .


Our professional services are payable on a predetermined hourly basis which takes into account specific aspects of each case. Save for exceptional cases, and in order to preserve our professional independence, we prefer not to conclude agreements based on result.

Some of our clients retain our services after tender or negotiation of a fixed-term agreement. Others follow guidelines or policies regarding the delivery of legal services. We have the ability to adapt to both of these situations.

In order to avoid situations of conflict that may arise due to invoicing, we do not evaluate the members of our firm according to their billable hours. Our internal evaluations are based on team spirit, quality of work, the punctual follow-up on files, creativity and up-to-date legal knowledge of our members.


Deslauriers & Co. is readily available, and our schedule is that of the file that is entrusted to us.

The Language of Communication

Every member of Deslauriers & Co., attorneys s.a. is bilingual (French and English). Some of our members are also fluent in a third language (Spanish, Italian, Korean, Bengali).