If you are a lawyer, legal assistant, intern or student and are considering whether Deslauriers & Co. would be a suitable workplace, consult the following sections: “ What makes us stand out ”, “ Diversity ” “ Our Common Goal ” in order to be informed of our firm’s guiding principles.


Some lawyers may opt for an unconventional style of practice, whether for for professional reasons, such as combining teaching with a legal practice, family convenience or continue sharing professional their experience after a notable career.

Deslauriers & Co. therefore opens its doors to those who have exceptional expertise in law and who are looking for an unconventional style of practice which allows them benefit from an association to a law firm and collaboration with its team.

Job Posting

Our job listings for candidates will appear on this page. Otherwise, we will recruit by our preferred method, which is by word of mouth or recommendation.

If you wish to apply, do not hesitate to contact the following individuals:

Head of Lawyer Recruitment
Me Sylvain Deslauriers
Tel: 514-878-0303
Fax: 514-878-0018

Head of Recruitment of Legal Staff
Ms. Lisette Laberge 
Tel:  514-878-3353
Fax: 514-878-0018